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Shall We Dance  wedding ShowCase Special

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Tips and tricks to have a rocking reception- Jeff Knee Owner of Atlantic Pro DJ ( Slide show )

The sound system in this package features an all new Sleek Style of  Speakers. The Ultimate Clean Set up!  You can have them in white with our special white scrims,  Or keep them in black it's up to you.  They not only look great, they sound amazing with the thump of 2, 12 inch Sub speakers and the clarity of 14 (that's not a typo) 14,  mid High speaker column.  6 Mid range and a 1 Inch tweeter in each one.!  

Westin Special $775.00

Book Now offer expires April 30th 2024

Regular Price  $875.00

  • Shake the dance floor with bass!   2,  12 inch subwoofers

  • Hear crystal clear highs from 2  7 foot tall slender style speakers Now Available in White 

  • 2, Special effect DJ dance floor lights to give it a party apnosphere.  See a video of the lighting

  • Wired mic on site 20 feet to the left or right of the DJ

  • Top Tier DJ With 10 or more  years experience (we dont hire low tier DJs)

  • DJ Mixer

  • DJ Laptop and a Back Up Laptop! Cuz, you know,  It's kind of an important day. 

  • Up to 6 hrs of  DJ Music Play time Included dinner and dance. ( More time can be added)

  • Scheduled set up 1 Hr before the start time. 

  • Tear down the right after the event

  • Online planning system

  • Online request system

  • Online guest request system available!

  • Take and play request 

  • DJ Phone consult the week of your wedding to go over the details

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