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Halifax DJ Services &  Halifax Audio Visual Services
AtlanticPro DJ & AV

Halifax DJs & AV Techs to elevate your event. 

Unlocking Unforgettable Experiences: Atlanticpro DJ & AV

AtlanticPro DJ & AV stands as a beacon of excellence in the event industry, offering unparalleled  Halifax audio-visual and Halifax DJ services. With a legacy of 14 Consumer Choice Awards, this company has consistently demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences. ​ At the core of AtlanticPro DJ & AV's success, is their team of seasoned Halifax DJs. These professionals possess a unique ability to read a crowd and curate music that perfectly complements the atmosphere, whether it's an energetic dance floor or an elegant cocktail hour. However, AtlanticPro DJ & AV is more than just a DJ service. They are masters of audio-visual technology, boasting a vast inventory of state-of-the-art equipment. From top-tier video projectors to crystal-clear flat screen TVs, every visual aspect of an event is executed with precision and clarity. For couples looking to tie the knot in Halifax, AtlanticPro DJ & AV is a trusted partner in turning wedding dreams into reality. Their Halifax wedding DJ services are tailored to the unique tastes and preferences of each couple. With a diverse music library and an intuitive understanding of the flow of a wedding day, they create an enchanting Soundtrack for this momentous occasion.

We just purchased brand New speakers ! Check them out!

The Ultimate clean DJ Set up

This pair of speakers are included in all our DJ Packages going forward!  This system includes 2, 12 inch subs (bass Speakers), that sound amazing. You can feel the bass! It just makes your body want to move!  The slender top speakers produce the high tones, and are amazing at producing rich midrange and crisp clear highs.  Because they are 7 feet tall they are above peoples heads so the sound travels further.  Bottom line is we are excited to add this speaker to our line up. Coming soon  we will offering these in all white for weddings

Halifax DJ Jeff Knee grabs pic on couples wedding day
Corporate Event At the Westin Halifax


Making it look and sound great!

Our goal is to see your vision of your event. Then with the use of our equipment and experienced DJs / Audio Visual Techs, Give it the atmosphere that you have envisioned.

Halifax Audio Visual Services

In the world of press conferences, attention to detail is paramount. AtlanticPro DJ & AV understands the significance of flawless execution in such high-stakes events. Their audio-visual expertise ensures that every word spoken is heard clearly, every visual element is displayed with precision, and the overall atmosphere exudes professionalism and sophistication. Behind every successful event lies a team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to bring the vision to life. Atlanticpro DJ & AV excels in event production, seamlessly coordinating all aspects to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. From concept development to execution, they handle every detail with precision and care. In conclusion, Atlanticpro DJ & AV is not just a service provider; they are the architects of unforgettable experiences. With a legacy of award-winning excellence and a team of passionate professionals, they continue to set the standard for audio-visual services in Halifax. Whether it's a wedding, a press conference, or any event in between, Atlanticpro DJ & AV is the trusted partner for turning visions into reality. Their 14 Consumer Choice Awards for Halifax Audio Visual are a testament to their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, making them the premier choice for creating memorable events in Halifax.

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