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When it comes to planning a wedding reception, many couples overlook the significance of the dance portion of the evening. This segment typically spans from 8:30 pm to 1:00 am, making it longer than any other part of the event. While couples may invest substantial time and resources into other aspects of their wedding, they sometimes allocate only a small budget for the entertainment during the dance.

Consider this: when your guests reminisce about your wedding reception in the weeks, months, or years to come, what will leave the most lasting impression? The food, the decorations, the venue? The cake? More often than not, it’s the incredible time they had on the dance floor. They’ll remember if the music was exceptional or not.

Here are some key factors to consider while planning your wedding reception, with a focus on entertainment options like live bands or professional DJ services.

Consider this, when your guest go to look back at your wedding reception weeks, months or years later, what do you think they will remember? The food, the decorations, the hall? The cake?….They will remember the great time they had! They will remember if the music was hot or not. There are several things you should consider while planning your wedding reception. The most common choices for the entertainment are Live entertainment (band), or Professional DJ service.


Live entertainment, especially with talented musicians, can create a captivating atmosphere. However, bands are limited to the repertoire they’ve practiced and know as a group, usually amounting to about 40-60 songs. Additionally, most bands specialize in one or two musical styles. If their style doesn’t resonate with your guests, it’s unlikely they can seamlessly switch to another genre. Bands typically perform 40-60 minute sets with 20-30 minute breaks. It’s worth noting that bands comprise multiple members, which could lead to complications if one of them cannot perform.

On the other hand, professional DJs offer a wide range of music, often boasting a collection of at least 25,000 songs. When hiring a Halifax DJ, ensure they’re truly professional. Look for attributes like a dedicated business phone line, a comprehensive contract, and positive references. A reliable DJ should also have contingency plans for equipment failures or unexpected circumstances. Such as a back up laptop on site.  Ask if they if they manage the music library, on all their DJ Laptops so that they all have the same music library.


Once you have found a professional Halifax Disc Jockey, how do you choose which one? Budgets have to be kept, and you (as the decision maker) have to try for the best DJ you can find, for the best price. (THIS IS HUMAN NATURE.) Most professional DJs in Halifax range in price from $700- $2000.00 . HIGH PRICE does not ensure HIGH QUALITY. However,  the opposite is usually true! Successful DJ companies will charge what they are able to get in their market. If you find a DJ that is half the price, there is usually a reason he or she is only able to charge half as much as a professional. The bottom line in hiring a DJ is to find one that is willing to work with you and one that is interested in what you have to say. One that is interested in making your wedding all that you want it to be.

The victory of an amazing deal loses its appeal after you realize it was for a cheaper product. Here is one of my favourite quotes.


After twenty years in the industry, I’ve witnessed various factors that can make or break a party. Here are some insights to consider:

  1. Avoid Dividing the Party: If possible, keep the bar in the same room as the dance floor to maintain a cohesive atmosphere.

  2. Strategic Room Layout: Place the DJ system close to the dance floor to ensure optimal sound quality and lighting effects.

  3. Create the Right Ambiance: In the summer, draw the drapes and dim the lights to set the mood for dancing.

  4. Music Selection: Trust your DJ to read the crowd and play a diverse selection of music to keep everyone engaged.

  5. Timing Is Crucial: Keep the schedule on track to prevent long gaps that might cause guests to leave early.

  6. Catering Considerations: Balance hearty meals with the desire for lively dancing, and consider late-night snacks strategically.

  7. Encourage Participation: Lead by example and get on the dance floor to inspire your guests to join in.

Remember, your wedding is a rare occasion when all your loved ones gather in one place. Embrace the celebration, create cherished memories, and dance the night away with those who matter most.

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